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Fibromyalgia with poor digestion and nutrition

I am an acupuncturist in Berkeley and I have a patient fibromyalgia and her digestion is very poor. She often has mucus in her stool and undigested food. She admittedly eats like a 9 year old. She has never learned to cook. She eat 2 ingredient meals such as peanut butter and jelly, granola and yogurt. I have given her some recipe ideas but it is just too overwhelming for her. I was thinking of getting her a good quality protein shake so that at least she would be getting some good protein and vitamins. What do you think of this idea?

I am really interested in learning more about nutrition. Have you taken any good courses that you would recommend?

– Berkeley Acupuncturist


Dear Berkeley Acupuncturist,
This sounds like a case of “Gu syndrome”  This sounds like a brain Gu disorder which will also include digestive Gu.  Nothing will really work long term until you treat the source of the problem. The condition itself is very difficult but the relationship with the “fried brain” of the patient is generally the hardest part of the treatment.   I would recommend doing a lot of study of Heiner Fruehuaf’s work on Gu, or refer her out to someone that specifically treats Gu disease.  Very tricky condition that will defy other attempts unless the herbs are perfect.

I have attended a few nutrition lectures that were very helpful.  Most of the nutraceutical companies sponsor people to give pretty good talks.  They are, of course, always pitching their own products so you need to see through the hype. I picked up the UC Berkeley Nutritional Biochemistry textbook and have made that my relaxation reading for a few years, you might head down to UC Berkeley bookstore and see what you find.

For a TCM teacher I have found that Janet Zand does a good job of utilizing supplements in general.

Jake Fratkin does excellent work with gut-related supplements from an integrated point of view.  I have heard that JFK has good classes in their nutrition department.  Datis Karrazian is great from an orthomolecular orientation. Baumann college has some good, very practical, classes.

You are welcome to audit the “Nutrition & Supplements” class that I will be teaching at ACCHS on Tuesdays staring January 3.  It will have information that is clinically relevant to specific disorders.


Be Happy!

Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM

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