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About Us

Community and Purpose

Our purpose is to to empower people in our community to create a world of joy, peace, vitality, freedom and well-being.  There’s a world of making a difference in the community, of being connected to the concerns of the community, and providing for its needs.

Alameda Acupuncture is deeply committed to education and awareness within our field and for the public.  To educate about the practical applications and relevancy of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  John teaches at acupuncture colleges, hosted The Balancing Point radio show and podcast.   John works  with many acupuncturists to deepen their understanding in the practical clinical applications of Chinese Medical theory, advanced herbal formulation, herb-drug interactions, and how to integrate with Western medicine. He is a professor of Chinese medical Fertility and Gynecology and advanced Chinese medical theory,  he is certified by the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics (NBAO) and certified by Xin Hua Hospital, China in Integrative Diabetes Protocol.  He also served as President of the third oldest acupuncture college in the United States for three years.

Jenny is the Team Acupuncturist for both the San Francisco 49ers and the Saint Mary’s College Men’s Rugby teams. She teaches in the field of sports medicine, with colleague, Whitfield Reaves in his Sports Medicine Apprenticeship program.  Jenny loves helping acupuncturists to develop and refine skills needed for the assessment and treatment of orthopedic injuries. Listen to Jenny talk about her experience as a sports acupuncturist on the Qiological Podcast.

Both Jenny and John value being a part of the global community of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners as teachers and as lifelong students of this fascinating medicine.

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