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smilingOur interest in discovering effective treatments for diabetes was inspired by Dr. Nieters’ daughter who became a Type I diabetic at age five.  This interest led us to China in 2008, to be trained in the most cutting edge Integrative Diabetes protocols at Xin Hua Hospital.  Since then we have treated thousands of diabetes cases. Dr. Nieters has taught continuing education and doctoral level integrative medicine courses on the subject.

  • Type I Diabetes: In treating Type I Diabetes, we closely monitor blood sugars and insulin usage.  We are looking at the goal of long-term health and try to balance the body using acupuncture and herbal medicine.  We are concerned with the effects of long term insulin use and work to make the body function as well as possible with the minimum necessary insulin, such that insulin resistance is minimized.
  • Type II Diabetes: As a metabolic disorder, we treat this disorder with a multi-pronged treatment protocol that incorporates, acupuncture, herbal therapy, dietary therapy, excercise and lifestyle changes and laboratory testing.
  • Insulin Resistance: Insulin is a highly inflammatory substance in the body.  Our goal is to sensitize insulin receptors so that the least amount of insulin necessary is used to process sugar metablism.
  • Metabolic Syndrome X: It is important when you see insulin resistance, high blood pressure, weight gain and high triglycerides to treat as soon as possible.  As this will lead to widespread dysfunction in the endocrine system.  Which drastically reduces the quality of life and can be a major component of infertility.

Dr. John Nieters, specializes in treating Type I and Type II diabetes.  He bases his treatments on the work of “Li Dong-Yuan,” who outlined functional treatment protocols in his book “Pi Wei Lun.” Dr. Nieters was with the first group of American acupuncturists, trained in China in 2008, on Integrative Protocols for the Treatment of Diabetes.  Since his return, he has trained acupuncturists and medical doctors in these treatment protocols.


Join Dr. Nieters at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on October 19th, 2015 to hear him speak of Chinese Medicine and Managing Diabetes


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