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Electroacupuncture for shoulder and hip pain

I have been a patient of John Nieters for many years.  He is an amazing healer who has helped me though physical and emotional challenges.  Dr. John is generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable.  He is the first one whose opinion I seek when my health needs attention.

Last Spring after he assessed my shoulder and hip pain he recommended that Jenny treat me.  This recurring pain had remained with me through several years of regular massage, regular chiropractic sessions and an earlier attempt at physical therapy.  In one session of electro-acupuncture, Jenny’s treatment eliminated the pain.   And the pain was gone, not just that day but for weeks.   It is an amazingly liberating feeling to have NO pain after constant pain for so long.  I found myself actually “looking” for the pain but it was nowhere to be found.  Thank you Drs. John and Jenny!

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