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Chronic Pain relief!

Hi everyone!!!
I have been anxious ( in a good way), to submit my testimonial regarding Dr. John and Jenny Nieters of Alameda Acupuncture!!!!  THEY ARE FANTABULOUS /that means, fantastic and fabulous !!! I love them dearly. They are just very empathic, humble, very intelligent and down home folks.

I have been treating 12 weeks with Jenny Nieters. Her combination of Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture, is genius. She knows her stuff, 100%. She has such a sweet disposition, a great bedside manner and is so soft spoken. I cried, hugged, and thanked her a couple weeks ago before my scheduled treatment.

She has been able to get me back to feeling like a normal, functioning female human being again, unlike the other care specialists, in my recent past. I still have to take my prescription medications issued by my chronic pain doctor. Before I began treating with Jenny, my pain level with meds was between 9-10. That is horrible. With her treating me, my pain level decreased to 4-5. I am treating only ONCE a week!!! I have not felt this good in 11 years.

I thank God for Dr. John and Jenny Nieters!!!! God sent me to her for treatment because I was always in tears from terrible pain. I am too young to hurt that bad. I have chronic nerve damage to my cervical, thoracic, and my bilateral upper extremities. Neck, spine, shoulders, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers which are, unfortunately, work-related.
P.S., I know that acupuncture may not be for everyone. I say, give Alameda Acupuncture a try. You will not be disappointed.
*I want to give a shout out to Monique,. When you arrive for your appointment, Monique will definitely make you feel at home. She is such a sweetheart!!!! Merry Christmas to Dr. John, and Jenny Neiters, Monique, and Esme!!!!


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