Floating on Zen Cloud 9!

John and Jenny Nieters at Alameda Acupuncture are absolute gems.

I stumbled across John’s radio show, The Balancing Point, and had been a listener for a while when I decided to make an appointment. Years after having my son, my menstrual cycles never really came back and I was having lots of different symptoms that seemed to point to endocrine

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Electroacupuncture for shoulder and hip pain

I have been a patient of John Nieters for many years.  He is an amazing healer who has helped me though physical and emotional challenges.  Dr. John is generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable.  He is the first one whose opinion I seek when my health needs attention.

Last Spring after he assessed my shoulder and hip pain he

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Chronic Pain relief!

Hi everyone!!!
I have been anxious ( in a good way), to submit my testimonial regarding Dr. John and Jenny Nieters of Alameda Acupuncture!!!!  THEY ARE FANTABULOUS /that means, fantastic and fabulous !!! I love them dearly. They are just very empathic, humble, very intelligent and down home folks.

I have been treating 12 weeks with Jenny Nieters. Her

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Tennis elbow with partial tear of tendon

My experience in receiving acupuncture treatments is extensive. I’ve seen numerous practitioners over the years for infertility, acid reflux and tendinitis. This year, I’ve been suffering from tennis elbow / partial tear in my tendon.  I’ve been trying everything from massage therapy, castor oil wrap, flexbar, acupuncture etc. and even stopped playing tennis for 2 months.

Then I recently bumped

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