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Sports Medicine

Acupuncture for Athletes and Orthopedic injuries is a specialty that requires post-graduate training.  Chinese medicine has long been used for injury recovery and to enhance performance.


  • Athletic Performance: To enhance Athletic Performance, certain acupuncture points before a game or race have been shown to enhance stamina and performance.  The needles need only be retained for a short 15 minutes before activity.  We are available by appointment before your big event.
  • Trigger Point Acupuncture aka Dry Needling and Motor Point Acupuncture: For resetting muscle fibers that have become disorganized and painful, in acute and chronic injuries, there is often no better treatment than acupuncture at certain anatomical locations called “trigger points” and “motor points.”  Palpation and manual muscle testing are used to correctly diagnose actual site of the injury.  Acupuncture can activate muscles that have been turned “off.”
  • Training: Chinese medicine can be used to enhance training and recovery. When training, you are creating stress on the body and it will need recovery time.  Acupuncture shifts you from a sympathetic state (fight or flight) to a parasympathetic state (rest and recover).  With deep rest, your recovery time will be improved which will in turn support your training.
  • Tendon and Ligament Injury: Tendons and ligaments “love” electroacupuncture treatments.  In treating tendons and ligaments it is important to have correct needle placement.  It is also important to differentiate tendonitis versus tendonosis as this can change the treatment protocols.
  • Broken Bones:  When recovering from broken bones, dietary therapy, herbal therapy  and electroacupuncture will part of the treatment protocol.


Jenny Nieters, L.Ac., Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Acupuncturist, serving Alameda,Oakland and the East Bay areas. She specializes in sports injuries, rehabilitation and sports performance.

Using acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, cupping, gua sha and dietary therapy in the treatment of sciatic pain, shoulder pain, back pain, IT band syndrome, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, bursitis, arthritis and more.

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