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recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis of right hip

Dr. Nieters and his staff are outstanding!  I was recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my right hip.  The pain kept me awake at night and prevented me from playing ice hockey and engaging in any vigorous activity.  My sports medicine physician recommended cortisone injections directly in the hip joint and then hip replacement.   I had never had acupuncture but my daughter persuaded me to see Dr. Nieters before trying the injections or surgery.

He prescribed electro acupuncture, some supplements, gentle stretching, and massage.  The results have been amazing.  The pain and inflammation have been significantly reduced.  I can sleep through the night without pain.  I no longer limp, and I can walk, hike, and swim.   I am convinced that Dr. Nieter’s electro acupuncture and Lynn’s massage have allowed me to avoid hip surgery.

In addition to all that, his staff is friendly and supportive.  It’s a very relaxing and soothing environment.  I love to go for treatment cause I feel so relaxed and happy after each visit.

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