Unique Vision of Health and Wellness

Alameda Acupuncture offers integrative  health care for the whole family using acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, tui na (orthopedic massage), abdominal chi massage and the latest in western medical laboratory testing.

Dr. John Nieters and his team offer compassionate healthcare informed by the latest research.  Traditional Chinese Medicine tailors each diagnosis or “pattern” to the individual.   The premise of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that we are naturally healthy and vital.   Practitioners strive to restore the natural balance.  Most people describe the experience as restorative and rejuvenating.


Acupuncture and Herbs

Integrative Medicine

Nutrition and Diet Therapy

Tui Na and Abdominal Massage

Laboratory Testing

Cupping and Moxabustion

Alameda Acupuncture practitioners are deeply committed to education and awareness within our field and for the public.  To that end, Dr. Nieters teaches at acupuncture colleges, hosts two health radio shows,  The Balancing Point and The Medicine Men, has co-authored Practical Fertility, The 90 Day Plan and publishes the blog  Alameda Fertility to educate about the practical applications and relevancy of Traditional Chinese Medicine today.  Dr. Nieters works individually with many acupuncturists to deepen their understanding in the practical clinical applications of Chinese Medical theory, advanced herbal formulation, herb-drug interactions, and how to integrate with Western medicine.

Dr. Nieters is a professor of Chinese medical Fertility and Gynecology and advanced Chinese medical theory,  he is certified by the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics (NBAO) and certified by Xin Hua Hospital, China in Integrative Diabetes Protocol.

We offer care for victims of auto accidents, visit the Pain & Injury page for more information.

PTSD and Acupuncture – June 27 PTSD Awareness Day


You’ve seen the strained look on their face. They are far away. They don’t sleep well and sits around all day doing nothing. They are always tired. You’ve invited them to the things they love doing, but they never feel like doing them anymore. Sometimes they yell a lot—really overreacts. But when you ask them what’s wrong, they deny any […] » Continue reading

Clinical Case Studies doctoral level course December 2015


DAOM 968 Clinical Case Studies. This course covers the clinical case discussion of the most commonly seen diseases in general practice including pain management.  There will be detailed discussion of the Western and TCM differential diagnosis, recommendations o the additional diagnostic, laboratory and imaging studies, risk factors modifications, lifestyle and dietary changes as well as detailed discussions on herbal and […] » Continue reading

Integrative Endocrinology doctoral level course October 2015


DAOM 955 Integrative Endocrinology. This course will familiarize doctoral students with diagnosis and treatment of the endocrinological pathologies based on the the modern research data and classical TCM texts, like Pi Wei Lun and others. Clinical application of laboratory tests such as blood glucose, lipid panels, thyroid panel tests as well as comprehensive hormone panels will be discussed in the […] » Continue reading