Electroacupuncture for shoulder and hip pain

I have been a patient of John Nieters for many years.  He is an amazing healer who has helped me though physical and emotional challenges.  Dr. John is generous with his time and extremely knowledgeable.  He is the first one whose opinion I seek when my health needs attention.

Last Spring after he assessed my shoulder and hip pain he recommended that Jenny treat me.  This recurring pain had remained with me through several years of regular massage, regular chiropractic sessions and an earlier attempt at physical therapy.  In one session of electro-acupuncture, Jenny’s treatment eliminated the pain.   And the pain was gone, not just that day but for weeks.   It is an amazingly liberating feeling to have NO pain after constant pain for so long.  I found myself actually “looking” for the pain but it was nowhere to be found.  Thank you Drs. John and Jenny!

Diane A. on Yelp

Chronic Pain relief!

Hi everyone!!!
I have been anxious ( in a good way), to submit my testimonial regarding Dr. John and Jenny Nieters of Alameda Acupuncture!!!!  THEY ARE FANTABULOUS /that means, fantastic and fabulous !!! I love them dearly. They are just very empathic, humble, very intelligent and down home folks.

I have been treating 12 weeks with Jenny Nieters. Her combination of Chinese Medicine with Acupuncture, is genius. She knows her stuff, 100%. She has such a sweet disposition, a great bedside manner and is so soft spoken. I cried, hugged, and thanked her a couple weeks ago before my scheduled treatment.

She has been able to get me back to feeling like a normal, functioning female human being again, unlike the other care specialists, in my recent past. I still have to take my prescription medications issued by my chronic pain doctor. Before I began treating with Jenny, my pain level with meds was between 9-10. That is horrible. With her treating me, my pain level decreased to 4-5. I am treating only ONCE a week!!! I have not felt this good in 11 years.

I thank God for Dr. John and Jenny Nieters!!!! God sent me to her for treatment because I was always in tears from terrible pain. I am too young to hurt that bad. I have chronic nerve damage to my cervical, thoracic, and my bilateral upper extremities. Neck, spine, shoulders, forearms, wrists, hands, and fingers which are, unfortunately, work-related.
P.S., I know that acupuncture may not be for everyone. I say, give Alameda Acupuncture a try. You will not be disappointed.
*I want to give a shout out to Monique,. When you arrive for your appointment, Monique will definitely make you feel at home. She is such a sweetheart!!!! Merry Christmas to Dr. John, and Jenny Neiters, Monique, and Esme!!!!


Tennis elbow with partial tear of tendon

My experience in receiving acupuncture treatments is extensive. I’ve seen numerous practitioners over the years for infertility, acid reflux and tendinitis. This year, I’ve been suffering from tennis elbow / partial tear in my tendon.  I’ve been trying everything from massage therapy, castor oil wrap, flexbar, acupuncture etc. and even stopped playing tennis for 2 months.

Then I recently bumped into Jenny Nieters at a dog park in Pasadena, while she was visiting her family. We started chatting and found out she’s an acupuncturist specializing in sports medicine. I was like “WHAT???” Then she told me about her electroacupuncture treatment technique.  Read about  it on her website.  At the risk of intruding on her time off with her parents, I asked if she can treat me. She said sure and agreed to see me at her parents place that day. Needless to say, neither of us felt worried about our safety. She’s very kind and approachable.

My pain level that day was about 8.  After her treatment, it went down to almost 0!!!  My pain did come back after a few hours but only about to 3 or 4.  And I believe that if she could treat me on a weekly basis, I would recover much faster.  But she lives in ALAMEDA!!

Please open an office here in Pasadena!!


  • Darlene S. on Yelp

relief for chronic low back and hip pain

I had a wonderful treatment by Jennifer Nieters yesterday. She unlocked my hip and relieve low-back pain which has been bothering me for going on for two years now. Not only that, she helped release relentless pain in my neck and shoulder. To boot, she showed me helpful (and realistic) postural exercises and tips to help wake up muscles to support proper alignment. I look forward to another ortho acupuncture treatment!

Angela (Yelp)

Diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder

John Nieters has been a huge help to our family.  My husband was having a lot of health issues (terrible migraines, stabbing stomach pains, anxiety, the list goes on) and after $10,000 in medical bills no western doctor was able to help him.  So we went to see John.  My husband was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disorder and since he has been in Johns care he has been doing great.  I’m not joking when I say that John saved my husbands life.

John helped me to get pregnant, earlier than we all expected, and I had a very comfortable pregnancy because of his help.

John’s staff is great!  We are always happily greeted by Monique, both my husband and I have also seen Lynn and Jenny a few times and they are fantastic too.  We highly recommend everyone there.


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