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One amazing year…

Dr Nieters,
This October, it will be one year since I started listening to The Balancing Point – and what a year it’s been! I started listening to The Balancing Point after researching my symptoms online, and learning about candida from your Itunes podcast.

With the help of an acupuncturist, lifestyle changes and the three week Detox that you recommended, I no longer have the following issues: a chronic sinus infection including excessive phlegm and a constant cough, a ringing in my left ear, a droopy left eye that twitched, and a popping in my right ear.  All of this is gone – without the use of the antibiotics and daily steroid nasal sprays that my doctor prescribed for the same conditions.

And, the list goes on … I’ve had an improvement with my dry eye syndrome, dry skin, cracked feet, soft nails, and extremely rough elbows. Plus, although I have not lost as much weight as I’d like, I’ve lost inches, especially belly fat!

In addition – from listening to your show – I also learned that my leg length discrepancy might be able to be corrected.  I found a great chiropractor – discovered that my LLD is from a hip problem – and am still working on this issue, but, I’ve already been able to remove the lifts from my shoes.  None of the three doctors that I saw previously ever even mentioned this as a possibility.

And – as an added bonus – people are now noticing the difference and saying that I look younger.  I definitely feel younger – thanks to you and your show – and I am now back to exercising regularly.

So, a year later, I wanted to let you know that The Balancing Point show has changed my life – and I can’t thank you, your wife and your staff enough!

Best regard from an avid listener!

– Denise from Colorado

Dear Denise,
Thank you for sending this email. Nothing is more heartwarming than receiving an email like this. Thank you for letting us participate in your journey.
Be Happy!

– Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM, FABORM

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