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Sorting out Tai Ji (Tai Chi) styles

Hi John,
I went to the Tai chi Class yesterday.  They do something called Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi.  Some of the moves are similar to the set that you teach, but the set is in different sequence and includes some moves we did not study.  Some basic differences in movement but same principles, for the most part.  Are you familiar with this type of Tai Chi?
Thanks for any feedback.
Tai Ji Student

Dear Tai Ji Student,
My first Tai Chi Instructor was one of the two main teachers of this type of Tai Ji in the US.  I studied this form with him in the early 1970’s.  I later studied Dayan Qigong, the QiGong form that I used to teach, with his wife.

This form was originally taught by the son of the founder of yang style Tai Ji so it is certainly authentic.  As such, it is based on exactly the same principles as the set that you studied with me.  I have found that the set that I taught to you and the group is a much easier form to learn than the Guang Ping Yang style.

People who are devotees of Guan Ping Yang Style say it is the “real family style Tai Ji” and is more powerful than the Cheng Man Ching style that you learned.  That may be true.  I do know that the most competent and powerful Tai Ji practitioners that I have seen do the set that I taught.  So they are all great.

I learned them both and think they are both fabulous. .

Be Happy!

– Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM, FABORM

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