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holistic approach and a fresh perspective cancer diagnosis

I’ve been seeing Dr. John Nieters for 2+ years for a complicated health issue associated with a cancer diagnosis.  I had been getting lots of medical care and craved to balance it out with a holistic approach and a fresh perspective.  I got all that and more with John!  Wow!  He is phenomenal and highly competent.  He’s at ease talking about health issues from a western or an eastern perspective, and beyond that, he comes up with treatment plans that work!  I don’t know how it works, and it sometimes seems crazy, so I just relax and enjoy the compassionate, nurturing, supportive care I receive every time I visit the office.  Additionally, he’s introduced me to other great things like qigong and other self-care practices.  I’ve learned a lot.  My health has improved greatly.  I feel empowered in a new way that would not have been possible otherwise.  I’m very grateful to have such a helpful resource nearby.  Such a profound experience!  The office is comfortable and the staff are great, too.  I highly recommend John for any health issue you want to change.

-Mitch  (yelp)

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