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a friend recommended Dr. Nieters for my infertility

People look at me funny when I say “my acupuncturist got me pregnant” until I qualify it. My acupuncturist got my body healthy enough for me to get pregnant and carry to full term. I had numerous problems and Dr. Nieters was able to help immensely. I had been to western doctors before a friend recommended Dr. Nieters to me for my infertility.
Western doctors just pumped me full of synthetic hormones in the hopes that it would help getting me pregnant, but this actually did more harm than good.
Dr. Nieters was able to explain thoroughly what was happening in my body and treat me to better my health. He is very knowledgeable across so many areas. I often felt like I would go to my appointments more for information rather than getting the needles – obviously the needles helped though.
I had taken allergy tests provided by my regular doctor and they did a very poor job at identifying much of what I was sensitive to. Through blood tests ordered by Dr. Nieters, I was able to adequately determine what foods I was sensitive to – and the list was long. John helped me formulate a diet that eliminated my sensitive foods as well as improve fertility.
It is a long process, but I was healing from the inside rather than putting a band-aid on the problem.
John is very compassionate, knowledgeable and warm. I highly recommend him!

– Julie (yelp)

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