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2023 Courses and Lectures with Dr. Jenny Nieters, L.Ac. DACM

Jenny Teaching Jenny Teaching Jenny Nieters Teaching

What are people saying about classes with Jenny Nieters?

Treated a hockey player with an adductor strain. Your class on the adductors helped me so much on pinpointing which area to treat with efficiency. It always felt like this area was a big black hold/void before, but know I know I can decipher what is what. The muscle testing was helpful too.  Had to share with you.  Thank you! – Vincent, Acupuncturist Costa Mesa, CA.

She has worked with Whitfield Reaves as his teaching assistant since 2015. Her techniques remind me of his- simple, effective and easy to implement in the clinical setting. -Whitney  G., Acupuncturist Tigard, OR
You made me feel empowered. – Attendee of the CSOMA 2023 Conference and Expo
Presenter was exceptionally knowledgable and gave us great information that is immediately useful.
Love it! More classes with Jenny Nieters!
Great course! amazing instructor and teacher assistants.
– Attendees of the November 2022 Simple Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain and Lumbopelvic Stability Course
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