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Coconut kefir and constipation

I bought some coconut kefir at Whole Foods after reading on a constipation blog for my daughter that this keeps things moving for kids with encopresis. She rejected it for the taste. It’s so expensive that I’ve been taking a teaspoon a day instead of another kind of probiotic. Wow. Yesterday I felt like I had the stomach flu, the urge to evacuate was so strong in the morning and within a half an hour after meals, and then possibly traced it back to taking this.  They talk about starting with a teaspoon and then moving to a half a cup a day.  Do you think it’s good for me?


Dear Lisa,

Coconut products are considered very cold in Chinese Medicine.  The effects will therefore be very different in different people. For those with heat problems it may be a panacea.  With cold digestion or low digestive fire it may be horrible.  Also, being a tree nut, even though cultured, there is a higher possibility of sensitivities than with other products. So, yes it could have caused the problems that you mention.

That being said, I do not have much experience with the coconut kefir as very few of my patients have used it.

Be Happy!

Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM

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