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Nausea after cold, sick, pregnant?

Happy New Year! I have been feeling under the weather for a awhile and wanted to check-in with you.  I got sick probably around the 21st of dec. starting with a sore throat which felt like it was lodged on my gag reflex. I took a lot of yin chiao (I think i took 9 tablets the 1st day and then tapered it off as the symptoms got better).  By the first night it was mainly just congestion and then I lost my voice for 5 days or so but no pain which was great!  I felt pretty much cured by the 28th or so but rested a bunch between the 27th – 31st.  I went out on New Year’s eve but was home a little early because my stomach was hurting.  I think the alcohol irritated my stomach and I ended up vomiting even though I never felt intoxicated through the night.  I felt fine for the next couple of days but gradually I noticed that I was a little queasy, not all the time, more so after meals.  I also started having a flare up with my ulcerative colitis so I thought that was probably the cause (although in the past, I don’t remember having that symptom).  I planned on making a visit to you and in the meantime took some of the UC herbs you had for me and was being more consistent with the enzymes, probiotics, and trying to eat fermented foods.  The flare-up seems to be almost healed as of now.  The nausea has been getting worse though, especially after eating and being in the car but I’ve been notably nauseous all day today.


Dear Shana,
Could you be pregnant? If you are not certain, don’t do any strong herbal formulas.  You should be safe with curing pills, Bao He Wan, etc. If you are pretty certain that you are not pregnant you could take  “Wen Dan Tang”.  These symptoms sound like stomach/gallbladder disharmony with internally engendered phlegm blocking the qi mechanism and lodged after the clearing clearing an exterior attack.  Typically the formula is for post wind cold, but your symptoms are consistent with it’s usage.  If you are having any insomnia or unease it is even more likely that this is the correct formula.

Many nausea formulas.  I pick this one because of the many possible symptoms that you don’t mention (edema, bloating, inhibited urination, constipation, chest discomfort, plum pit qi. etc)

Good work getting back to the basics when you started to flare up.

Be Happy!

Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM

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