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Considering Artificial Insemination

Hi John,
Koichi gave me your name. I’ve been under his care for four years. I would like to ask your advice about something.

I am in Israel right now, beginning the process of having a child by artificial insemination. I am almost 40. There are expert doctors here, and the process is very common, but they also pump you full of hormones, which scares me as much as anything. I am a staunch advocate of holistic health, and have been preparing my body for this for years (nutrition, exercise, saunas, Network, cleanse). I intend to do acupuncture too. Can you give me some advice about whether I should try IUI or IFV, with or without hormones? I need the perspective of someone who understands holistic medicine. I feel like it’s a race against time. Someone also pointed out that the time has passed for it to be a natural process anyway. Maybe it’s worth the discomfort in this case. If you have any advice or someone I could talk to I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

– A.I. in Israel

Dear A.I. in Israel,
Happy to point you in a direction or give you some information myself.

I would need to know a bit more information to be able to assist you.  The choice between IUI and IVF would be dependent on the answers to some of the following questions.  Also, the hormone questions would be better answered with more information.  Answer what you are comfortable with.

Reason for artificial insemination?
Have you been pregnant before?
Other fertility methods attempted; including sex?
Have you ever been given Clomid or other fertility drugs?
Any history of diabetes, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, or uterine myomas (fibroids)?
Have you been or will you be doing herbal treatments?
Have you had an ultrasound or hysterosalpingogram to visualize the uterus and fallopian tubes?
Are you doing a Basal Body Temperature chart of your menstrual cycle.
Hormone levels now.  Have you had:
Thyroid – TSH, T3, reverse T3
female hormones – FSH, LH, progesterone, primarily
Vitamin D level
Inflammatory markers – C-reactive protein, homocysteine
antibodies/autoimmune – Lupus, anti-cardiolipin, or any others

I look forward to addressing the considerations involved.

– Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM, FABORM

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