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Feeling really dizzy

I have been having alot of dizziness recently.  It started while sleeping.  When moving my head from side to side, I would feel dizzy.  By straightening my head, it would subside. I probably feel about 98% ok now. I have no idea why this is happening. Any idea what’s up?
Thanks so much,

Dear Caroline,
This is almost certainly BPV or benign postural (or paroxysmal) vertigo. Small calcium deposits, like grains of sand, break off inside the semi-circular canals of the ear.
These grains get stuck in the cilia, which are the small hair-like receptors that respond to changes in flow of fluid in the canals.   The cilia then send the wrong message to the brain, telling it that you are one position, while your eyes are concurrently giving a different message.  The brain gets confused, and nausea ensues. This is similar to motion sickness, where the eyes are seeing one thing and the ear canals are telling the brain something else.

There is a technique called the “Epley Manouver” that can sometimes dislodge the stone.  Otherwise, it usually resolves in time.  I do not do the Epley because it can cause vomiting.  Many chiropractors will do Epley.

Sorry to hear of this difficulty.

Be Happy!
John Nieters, DAOM, L.Ac.
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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