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Fish oil repeating

I am taking fish oil to kill yeast. One of my issues is inability to digest certain oils, fats. So I am wondering if I should take this oil. I use a lot of olive oil on my veggies each day and can handle that, but the fish oil repeats on me even when I eat salmon. So am wondering if this is good for me to take: took one tonight….but not digesting it well.
Thank you,

Dear Dor,
The yeast killing is a minor function of the fish oil.  It is primarily for protection of the phospholipid protective structure of the membranes and to:
• Lower blood viscosity and tendency to clot.
• Support nerve regeneration in the brain.
• Decrease likelihood of neurodegenerative diseases.
• Substantially lower dementia risk.
• Improve memory and cognition.
• Decrease cardiovascular (stroke and heart attack) risk.
• Increase good cholesterol levels.

If it repeats you could:
• Stop taking it and continue to eat fish (olive and flax are great but do not serve the same function. We often think of the olive oil and ample intake of fruits and vegetables of the Mediterranean diet as being what is so beneficial. Often overlooked is that these populations eat high amount of fatty fish such as mackerel. They have a very high fat diet.
• Switch to krill oil which much easier to assimilate, less is needed. I usually use 1 small 500 mg krill oil to replace 3 large 1,000 gr. fish oil capsules, which is less likely to repeat. Warning: Krill is a bit more expensive and will always smell fishy.  If fish oil smells fishy, you should not take it, but krill will always be fishy.
• Take a lipase supplement (digestive enzyme) with the fish or fish oil.
• Take a bile supplement with the fish oil.

Be Happy!
John Nieters, DAOM, L.Ac.
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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