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Lyme disease and Gu?

I was referred and told you did something with Gu??? I have chronic lyme disease and a lot of imbalances. I was in the peace corps in the west Indies and in Africa before I got sick. I’m not sure exactly what you do or if you can be of help. I also have worked in many developing countries and am trying to work on emotional, spiritual and physical level. I have seen a lot of practitioners but David from Apple Health said you do things a bit different.
Thank you,

Dear Karen,
“Gu” is a the Chinese character for what was once called “Spirit Possession Disease”, because victims felt as though they had lost the essence of themselves.  This category of illness includes Lyme disease.  The character for Gu, which is 3500 years old, is 3 worms in a chalice.

100’s of cases of Lyme disease and co-infections are treated with Chinese Medicine in the US every year. There is a good book, “Treating Lyme Disease with Chinese Medicine” by Yale Zhang. Zhang is in New York and has been referred to many times by Andrew Weil.

Typically I am treating a dozen or so Lyme patients at any one time, which is a very small % of my practice.  My “Gu” patients tend to do very well in general, given the severity of Lyme disease.  Many now test negative for Lyme, while some are still struggling but improving. Some patients do Chinese Medicine only, while others do a combined approach with their Western providers and myself.

The advantage of the Chinese Herbs and supplements is that they break up the biofilm surrounding the Lyme. Wester practitioners also have discovered products that do this, but my clinical experience is that the traditional Chinese formulas tend to be more effective.  This dissolving of the biofilm then allows the antibiotics or other treatments to be much more successful at eradicating the Lyme and co-infections.

David probably said the I do things a bit differently because I am an old, constantly learning, geek about this stuff.  I go back to the original western information from Lida Mattman about “Stealth Pathogens” etc. as well as the older Chinese herbal medical texts about Gu. I am a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  Only about 1% of Acupuncturists have this additional education.  The doctoral program is an integrative program with about 40% Western biomedicine and 60% Chinese Medicine in concert, so I do tend to see things somewhat differently from most practitioners.

You might want to listen to my podcasts about Gu by going to:

Be Happy!
John Nieters, DAOM, L.Ac.
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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