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Joy! Gratitude! Honored!

We just received this handwritten letter and it means the world to us:

Dear Dr. Nieters,
Thank you so much for a terrific first visit. I appreciate how present you were with me, and how I felt heard. That means so much!

When I left your office, colors were more saturated, and I felt mellow and calm for several days. I felt great! The next day, at my monthly visit as UCSF, everyone commented on my affect, and my blood pressure was 98/65 (27 hours post acupuncture). My BP has been this low before, but commonly 120-130/70-80. I copied relevant papers for you. I’m very grateful to you for taking the time to look through all this and do some research. Your fresh perspective is very meaningful to me.

By the way, your staff is phenomenal! the young woman I spoke with when I came in for information left me feeling like I was making the most natural and obvious decision. Any hesitation slipped away!
Dr. M.

Dear Dr. M. we delighted that you had a positive experience and that you took the time to tell us. It is amazing to be able to devote our lives to work that we love.

– Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM and Staff

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