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Elderly parent with early dementia?

Hi John,
My elderly mother is exhibiting serious forgetfulness and lack of desire to interact with others. I would like to study the details mentioned yesterday as suggestions for actions for me to take.
Thank you for your assistance,
– Carolyn

Dear Carolyn,
As I said at the Expo, I am developing few formulas to specifically address these issues. In the meantime here are my short term recommendations for supplements. If your mother has access to acupuncture, please consider trying it with someone who has studied with Dr. Jiao Shunfa.

Group #1 critical :
-Krill oil or fish oil (krill better)
-High dose beta carotene
– Vitamins B6, B12, and folate
-Huperzine A
-Vitamin D3 – do a vitamin D test and keep levels at 55 units or more.

Group #2 Good
-Herbal formula ; this is very individualized.  A good general formula is “Flavonex- Salvia and Gingko”
– Rhodiola
– Bacopa monnieri
-Phosphatadyl choline
-Phoshatadyl serine
-Ubiquinol – high absorbency Co-Q10

Supplements, are a piece of the puzzle. Added to regular exercise, Brain Fitness program or something like it, new relationships, acupuncture treatment, nutrient dense organic food and opportunities for engagement you can start to reawaken the brain.

– Dr. John Nieters, L.Ac. DAOM, FABORM

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