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answers about elevated cholesterol numbers

I stumbled upon Dr. Nieters’ show when trawling the net for a better understanding of what my elevated cholesterol numbers meant. And it has changed my life! I found answers about cholesterol, both through listening to past shows and by calling in from New Delhi. India. What’s more, as I began to actually follow the good doctor’s advice on exercise, nutrition and supplementation, I realised what he means when he says “Knowlege if you listen, Power, if you Act.” I achieved a turnaround in not just my risk numbers, but my overall health, without any statin drugs, much to the surprise of my allopathic doctor. Dr. Nieters is a great teacher and de-mystifies all the medical jargon to make health information accessible to everyone.

I agree wholeheartedly with iTunes review KraftyKate; Jennifer Nieters deserves our heartfelt thanks for bringing Dr. Nieters into our iPods.

When they went off briefly due to server problems, I wrote to Jennifer, complaining of “withdrawal symptoms” 🙂 If you are even remotely interested in your own body and health, thebalancingpoint is a ‘must-listen’.

– Mahesh (iTunes)

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