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diagnosed with Crohn’s disease

I found Dr. John Nieter’s through his podcast on iTunes about 2 years ago. Being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease 12 years ago, I had struggled with my health and had not been able to find much relief at that time. Doctor’s put me on strong medications, and I eventually went off them due to the side effects and reactions that occurred.

Living in Arizona, I had been seeing several different doctor’s, as well as holistic practitioners, in order to find relief from the pain and my life slowly deteriorating. As I listened to his podcast, I began to learn more regarding what was occurring with my health and simple things I could do to improve it. After applying some of the advice he mentioned regarding diet, stress management, and lifestyle, and seeing relief from some symptoms, I felt that Dr. Nieter’s knew how to treat autoimmune disorders. I felt at the time though that since I lived in a different state, there would be no way I could afford to see him. I had no insurance, and money was getting really tight, with all the doctor’s visits and supplements/herbs.

After spending a year and a half trying to find someone who could help me, I finally decided to just fly up and see Dr. Nieter’s. I knew at that point, I needed to see someone who KNOWS and has EXPERIENCE with my condition. I am SOOOOOO grateful that I did. I felt like I would have my life back after the first visit. I felt so good and relaxed after the first treatment (which never happened in the past), and now understand that acupuncture does work… if you have the right acupuncturist. I also appreciate Dr. Nieter’s approach of seeing patients about once a month, instead of every week, as the other acupuncturist I saw did. Because of this, I was actually spending LESS MONEY flying up to CA once a month, than seeing a local acupuncturist 1-2/week. If I had realized this earlier, I wouldn’t have waited so long to see him.

I would highly recommend anyone with health issues, to see Dr. Nieter’s. The time spent flying, taking work off, and seeing Dr. Nieter’s has been nothing compared with the relief I am receiving from pain and the ability to slowly incorporate more activities into my life.

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