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herpes had run my life for 30 years

It’s comforting to know there’s a healer such as John Neiters in the world.  And, it was greatly to my benefit when I lived just a few blocks away from this amazingly talented, kind, engaging and highly knowledgable man.

Alas, I moved to L.A. 6 yrs. ago, and believe me, I sorely miss his expertise and the comfort of knowing I am in totally capable hands no matter the malaise.

I went to John regularly for almost 2 years.  I committed a chunk of money to see if acupuncture and herbs could once and for all rid me of my dreaded herpes which had pretty much run my life for over 30 yrs.  I no longer felt I could take daily doeses of Zovirax as a preventative.  My kidneys were feeling the strain and saying no more.  So, I decided to go the wholistic route.  I’m glad I made this decision a priority.

I’m happy to report that John’s treatments worked right from the outset.  Whereas I was having monthly out-breaks before seeing him, it’s now  a rare occurence.
Thank you John!!  And, this is 5 years after the fact.

I recommend John Neiters as highly as possible.  If you live in Alameda, you are truly blessed to have such a resource
minutes away.  Avail yourself of John’s expertise and be healed from the inside out instead of taking meds that often mask the symptoms and never get to the root cause.

If you don’t live in Alameda, well John has plenty of patients
throughout the world, so, his expertise is still available to you.  You’ll just need to reach out from a bit further.
Your true health is worth it.

– Juana (yelp)

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