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my toddler was consistently getting colds

My toddler was consistently getting colds. These colds would turn into bronchitis and croup. The pediatrician diagnosed him as mildly asthmatic. He was given two types of inhalers. I am a believer in holistic medicine and wanted to see if I could improve my child’s immune system. I went to see John on a parent’s recommendation. John asked me questions about his symptoms.  He even asked me about symptoms that I knew he had but didn’t connect it with his colds.  John said that his symptoms were those of a food allergy. He asked me to not give him milk for 6 weeks since this is one of the most common food allergy.  My son has been cold free and has not used his inhaler for over a year.  This summer I was a bit lacks with my child’s dairy intake. His cough came back. I stopped all dairy before it got worse and it went away.  It was such a simple diagnosis but one his pediatrician missed.  I’m not saying you should not take your child to a western doctor. But there is no rule that says your child or even you can’t have a western doctor and John Nieters as your holistic doctor.

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