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Seasonal Tuneups

I have been a patient of John’s for over 10 years. When I follow his instructions, I typically only need to be seen about four times a year for seasonal tuneups. When life gets in the way and I become unbalanced, it is always John I seek assistance from first.

He has helped me overcome a variety of conditions: immunity issues, nutrition, weight loss, back pain, tonsilitis, grief, asthma (I no longer use two daily inhalers), allergies, hormonal and menstrual issues, skin sensitivites, etc. He is currently making progress with a chronic health issue I have, which three MD’s (GP, gyn, and endocrinologist) are stumped by.

I am someone who prefers female health providers, but after being frustrated with the lack of results with Western medicine a decade ago, I made an exception, and it is not an exaggeration when I say John and his treatments have saved my life.

John is an amazing and gifted healer who possesses the rare combination of being humble, compassionate, a great listenener, and a teacher who shares the information he has learned. What impresses me most is that he is highly invested in his patients and their well being and goes above and beyond to help them heal. In a medical world now ruled by insurance and pharamaceutical companies, John is one provider who has not compromised his integrity and has kept patient care the priority.

– Sandra (yelp)

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