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PMS, headaches, RSI, digestive issues

Wow, how does one write a review about someone who has completely changed their life. Well I’ll give it a try.

John has been my primary medical provider for about 12 years. Yes I have an MD but rarely see her since John Nieters and for about the last 2 years Lynn Belcher have treated 99% of what ails me.

I’ve suffered with issue including PMS, headaches, RSI, Digestive issues, Anal Fissure, sciatica, Acne, back pain, and neck pain. All with positive results!!!

At times due to lack of funds I have tried less expensive acupuncturists and even community acupuncture but never got the results I received when saw John or Lynn and as a matter of fact had no change in my pain when at the community acupuncture clinic.

John is skilled not only as an acupuncturist he is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. So he is well versed in the western medical sciences. He has explained my numerous medical labs like my MD never has and it has made a difference in my health. John has counseled me endlessly of nutrition and supplements I should be taking to improve my health and guess what…They worked.

The office has a calm and welcoming feel. All the staff are great and very helpful. I feel so taken care of and listened too. They really go above and beyond any other practitioner in the health care field I have ever seen.

I figured out that by seeing John and Lynn because of their effectiveness and acupuncture skills I am actually saving money by seeing them instead of anyone else.

With much gratitude

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