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skillful use of Chinese herbs

Very simply put, Dr. John Nieters saved my life.   I came to him at a low point in my life- physically, emotionally and spiritually.   I did not realize how sick I was but I did know I was in serious trouble.  John’s great ability as a diagnostician and acupuncturist and skillful use of Chinese herbs gradually brought me back to the land of the living.  My Kaiser MD not only could not diagnose or treat me but could not even recognize that something was wrong!

John is a truly gifted healer.  He is a man of integrity and compassion who wants to alleviate suffering in this world.   His example reminded me of what was important to me, and as my energy returned  I  began to make the  changes in my life that would bring me more into alignment with my values and  life purpose.

John has seemingly limitless knowledge and wants to share that knowledge so anyone who comes in contact with him thru his radio shows on KEST, lectures and practice can maintain their health, know where to find appropriate healing when needed and can ultimately heal themselves.  Thank you John!!!!!

– Lisa (yelp)

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