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Thanks for the nutrition course

Hi, Dr. Nieters!
Thanks for a great class!!  I am more aware of the issues involved and how to properly view various lifestyle diseases.  Here’s an article published on blog. Written by John McDonough, Director of the Center for Public Health Leadership at Harvard Medical School.  It may have come a time when even the “western” doctors are sick and tired of the treatments they provide for their patients.–_and.html?comments=all#comments

I have heard of great things/changes about the school – new location, new clinic policy, etc.  Hope I will be back soon.  We are fortunate to have you lead the school.  As a side note, when I was in Chinese classes on weekends, I heard some students saying the president should be Chinese.  I found this a bit ridiculous.  At this point, I find the English program to be much stronger than the Chinese program on weekends.  Unfortunately, if I have to return to work full time, the Chinese program will be my own option.  Is it possible to have weekend English program in the near future?!

Take care!

Dear Sherry,
Thank you for the very kind words and also for the feedback. I too have heard from many sources that the President should be Chinese. I have tried to become Chinese, but as yet to no avail!

I have been looking into an English program on weekends.  I think it would help in many ways.  We could stagger it a bit to allow people to make up classes that they missed, etc. and not get too far behind.

I look forward to seeing when you come back.

Be Happy!
John Nieters, DAOM, L.Ac.
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
President, Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences (2011-2015)

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