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World Congress on Qigong and TCM

The World Congress is an official fundraiser for Japan Disaster Fund. Attend the Congress and support the relief effort while joining like-minded people who rely on natural ways to promote health and longevity. Learn techniques to enhance your own health and survive environmental degradation and man-made disasters.  Please print out/post the attached flyers and distribute this message liberally with a personal appeal to your newsletter, email list, social and professional networks to join you at the Congress. Those who must miss out on this provocative event may still make a donation on the registration page at Scroll down this page for fundraising details.

Chow Qigong Meditation for Japan: At 12 noon, the time of the heart in Traditional Chinese Medicine, breathe deeply and properly with the diaphragm, feel connected to the entire universe, image Japan, the people (and the planet) in total pristine beauty whatever you envision that to be.  Do not think of the ugliness and destruction at all; only keep beautiful images and thoughts for the land, humans and animals. It is equally important to end the meditation feeling yourself strong, powerful and serene.

*Entry includes full Congress, Tai Chi and Qigong Day Grand Opening, Saturday evening dinner Gala, Sunday Science Symposium and lunch and a full roster of world-class presenters including Celebrity Author/Naturopathic Doctor to the Stars Sharyn Wynters and Martial Artist/Film Star Cary Tagawa!

Visit to register and find full details of the program. Organizers need help now in producing this year’s  Congress, volunteers are needed now!

In health and happiness,
Ann Colichidas
Chow Qigong, San Francisco

A letter from Dr. Effie Chow….

Please take this as a personal note to you.   We very much need your help in fundraising for the Japan disaster!

We have made our East West Academy of Healing Arts sponsored fabulous Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM into a fundraiser for the Japan Disaster Fund.  This earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe is not only destructive to Japan, but to us and to the planet!  There is no containment for chemicals/gasses/energy…

I envision that the desperate circumstances in Japan are a clarion call for us in the Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM community and friends as a supreme opportunity to unite together as a powerful force to be respected and honored and to make a significant impact world-wide.  We all have been working individually heroically and idealistically for health for the individual and the planet to try to prevent what has just happened!  But isolated and separate as “I” and “You”, is not enough… must be a concerted collective “WE”.  We individually have not been able to make the mainstream listen to our daily healing miracles (where all else had failed), and our scientists attempting research in this field is frustrated with “NO MONEY”, yet research results and data is requested otherwise our daily miracles are “only stories”.

NOW is the opportunity to become a strong influential force for pro-active action in the DEVELOPMENT of public policies in health and life at the Washington DC and international level to include Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM, not to only react/complain when it is already legislated…..At present our community have no voice nor official status to do this. This is why I feel that if we can speak strongly through our cooperative efforts and our ability to raise significant funds to aid in Japan’s crisis, they will begin to hear us!  Unfortunately it is money that speaks the loudest in this western society and today’s world.

Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 by the end of the Thirteenth World Congress, May 2, 2011 by each one of us soliciting our contacts to donate!  Can you please encourage your “loyal fans/students/clients/friends” to donate to the Japan Disaster Fund?  With your immense mailing list…with encouragement, you can make such a significant dent into that goal!  Large or small it will be very much appreciated and truly make a difference.  I am CONFIDENT that if we continue to combine our forces together, that in the next year before our next World Congress in 2012 we can raise at least one million dollars (hopefully many millions) for the Japan crisis (other crisis?), but also for Qigong/energy natural healing research and to influence policy development.

One of our goals of the Congress was to be a springboard for raising funds for Qigong/Energy Healing Research, but for this Congress, because of the Japan emergency status we will now designate our proceeds from the activities leading up to and the days of the Congress to the Japanese Relief Fund.   We are working with the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California in San Francisco which is one of the largest Japanese commmunities in the nation.  They have identified trusted NGO’s in Japan to work with, one being the YMCA.

For one who wish to donate, they can come to our Congress to show personal support, and/or if they cannot come, we appreciate a donation large or small.  It all will add up.  We will be setting up a family tree of contributors to the Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM community fund for Japan.  This will document our strong force of cooperation amongst this community.

We wish also to make this fundraising a serious one with fun kinds of activity!  Our Congress program will be a spectacular extravaganza as usual and even better this year with the stars involved! People will learn to heal self and others as they help in a global disaster! There will be a friendly competition with prizes for those who raise the most monies in these categories:
1)  Individuals
2)  Corporations and businesses
3)  Non-profits and community agencies
4)  Media TV/Radio programs
5)  Stars for Qigong/TCM/Natural Healing/CAM community

1)  One can also donate books, videos, products, classes for our raffle/silent auction and the donor will receive further publicity for their work and products. One can designate a certain percentage of their earnings in the next few months to the Japan Fund
2)  Be an ambassador to motivate your circle of friends/acquaintances to help raise money.
3)  If you know restaurant or business owners, inspire them to dedicate certain days that they will give a certain percentage to the Japan Fund.  It will also be good for their business.
4)  People can pledge to be responsible for raising or donating a certain amount of $ by a certain time.
5) Put on small or large local fundraising gatherings, dinners, etc.
6)  And many more ways….we are open to suggestions.

To donate, one can do the following:
1)  Credit cards:  go to on-line registration form for the Congress: ;
2)  Checks:  Make out to Congress- Japan Fund and send to: Acteva Inc. – Thirteenth World Congress on Qigong/TCM, 100 Pine Street, 10th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94111.  Phone: 866-462-2838, Fax Donation/Registration: 415-276-2399.  Call Acteva Support: 877-855-8646.
3)  For information please call 415-285-9401.

I look forward to your comments and suggestions or other creative ideas, and your partnering with us.

Thank you and Blessings.

In loving Qi,
Dr. Chow

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